Legal Document

Title: Law on Livestock Production and Veterinary Matters (Amended) No. 08/NA dated 11 November 2016
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Lao National Assembly
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Issuing Date : 11-11-2016

National Assembly issues Law on Livestock Production and Veterinary Matters (Amended) No. 02/NA, dated 11th November 2016 to replace Law on Livestock Production and Veterinary Matters No. 03/NA, dated 25 July 2008. The amended law consists of 13 parts and 120 articles, in which there are changes in 71 articles and additional 46 articles that define principles, rules and measures on livestock, maintaining animal’s health, protecting animal species and animal resource, animal’ benefits and safety on food. It aims to increase quantity, enhance quality of animal products and manufacturing of goods, protect environment, integrate in regional and international markets, contributing in the of food safety and the productions in green, clean and sustainable method.

For the procedure to request for import, export, and transit license of animal products, business operators shall submit their request to Management Authority for Livestock Production and Veterinary Matters at least 15 days prior to the import, export, or transit by using the application form. After that the authority will proceed on technical inspection and then issue the license within 05 working days. Before actual import, export or transit, the business operator shall declare relevant documents and date of actual import/export/transit to the veterinary authority at the border checkpoint 01 day in advance.

The transportation of products shall be made on specified routes and border checkpoints. It is not permitted to transfer these goods on the way or at any point without approval from Management Authority for Livestock Production and Veterinary Matters. In case of suspecting or verifying that animal product is at risk, the product will be quarantined and imposed sanitary measures which the business operator will bear the cost.

The law become effective on the date of signing by President on the Presidential Decree (19th December 2016) and after being published on Lao Official Gazette 15 days (27th March 2017) which is on 12th April 2017.