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Procedure NameProcedure to request for Import License of ICT equipment

According to Law on Telecommunication (Amended), No. 09/NA dated 21 December 2011 and Law on Information Technology No. 02/NA, dated 07 November 2016, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications governs the import of ICT equipment.

Specific regulation that governs the import and export of ICT equipment is Decision on the Import and Distribution of ICT Equipment No. 3201/MPI, dated 16 November 2016.


Note: In order to provide a comprehensive explanation, we classify procedure into colors as followings:

-       Blue Area: Action conducted by importer;
-       Green Area: Action conducted by Import Authority;
-       Yellow Area: Required documents;
-       Pink Area: Import License.

1.      To request for Import License of ICT Equipment, importer shall prepare following documents:

-       Request Letter (download here)
-       A copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate
-       A copy of Import Business Permission
-       A copy of Annual Tax Payment Certificate
-       Standard Certificate of origin country
-       List of equipment in details and/or actual equipment (in case the equipment is required technical inspection)
-       A copy of Invoice
-       A copy of Packing List
-       Letter of Attorney

2.      Importer submits all mentioned documents above at Department of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT)

3.      Department of Information and Communication Technology considers request and conditions of importer in order to issue “Import License of ICT Equipment” within 10 working days. Except for ICT equipment that has never been certified in Lao PDR and requires technical check may take longer time.

4.      When Department of Information and Communication Technology approves the request to issue “Import License of ICT Equipment”, the Department will notify importer to get “Import License of ICT Equipment” and pay fee for 100,000 Kips and service for 100,000 Kips.

5.      Import License (See sample here)

6.      Importer declare with customs authority to import.


The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued ByDownload
Request Letter to Import ICT Equipment23-03-201723-03-2017Ministry of Post and TelecommunicationsThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measure/s:
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity To
Charge fee for Import Permit of Telecommunications EquipmentDuty/Tax PayableMinistry of Post and TelecommunicationsCharge fee for import permit of telecommunications equipment of 100,000 Kip/timeFor state revenue collection purposeEdict on Fees and Service Charges No. 003/PO (Article 1 - 64)31-12-9999